It's never too early (or late) to  get involved with volunteering at homelesSolutions. We need all the help we can get, from clothing, food, shelter, land, money to just time and love. We are a volunteer based program that needs all the help we can get to help others. Join us please. Provide Homeless help.


Homeless Help

homelesSolutions is a non profit organization that helps the less fortunate living on the streets better themselves. We provide initial help and support, also helping house and rehabilitate people to better them and help them become a positive productive part of society again. 

See how we made John smile.

The services we provide at homlesSolutions varies per person, as no two individuals are alike. We do an initial screening to determine where each person belongs in health care needs and other aspects of life. Either way we provide the needed services to help.

Give the gift of a smile.

non profit 501(c)(3)

​​When you see the smile on someones face as you help them! You'll feel it.